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How to Find the Sweet Spot in Your Home

hearth & home Oct 13, 2021

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If you know sports, you know about the sweet spot.

It’s the place on the ball, bat, stick or playing field where all of your training comes together, and everything works.

There’s no better feeling as an athlete than finding the sweet spot.

The sweet spot is the launch pad to great success, and finding it feels awesome.

People also call the sweet spot “being in the zone”. 

It’s where you perform almost effortlessly.

It takes training to get there, but when you do get there, it feels amazing.

Believe it or not, the same thing applies to taking care of your home.

The sweet spot in my home

In my home, the sweet spot is my kitchen table.

That table attracts paper and clutter like a magnet attracts iron.

When we moved into our house in 2002, it took weeks to clear, and I wondered if we would ever sit down to dinner together in our kitchen.

I remember thinking if I could just get the table cleared, everything else would fall into place, and when I did, everything did fall into place…temporarily.

You see, I didn’t have a plan to deal with the piles that kept erupting on that table.

They erupted and got bigger and bigger, and even when I moved a pile elsewhere, another pile would pop up.

I wanted to cry, and I did, several times.

The importance of finding your sweet spot

One of the most interesting lessons I learned is that the sweet spot represents and reflects how my life is going.

If my life felt cluttered and overwhelming, the table filled with clutter and piles grew.

I wondered if the table was a reflection of my life or an indication of it, and then I figured something out.

It doesn’t matter. 

As wonderful as it feels to see the sweet spot clean and clear, it doesn’t stay that way, especially if you have a family.

That may sound discouraging, but it’s actually encouraging.

Nothing in life stays the same.

We bathe regularly to stay clean and do laundry to have clean clothes.

We mow grass regularly to keep the yard nice and get haircuts to keep ourselves looking presentable.

The sweet spot requires regular maintenance to stay clean and clear. 

It needs a plan.

So what is the plan?

For my sweet spot, I spend a few moments putting things away and dealing with the paperwork that piles up on my kitchen table every day.

There are still occasions where the piles get ahead of me, but with The Magic of Fifteen Minutes, the table is almost always clear enough to serve dinner without looking over piles of paper while we eat.

That’s the best case scenario.

The worst case scenario is that I’m cranky and overwhelmed and don’t know why.

Then I look at my table and realize those piles are practically screaming for attention.

I set my timer for 15 minutes and the results are usually pretty astounding.

As I purge, put away, and recycle, my mood shifts, and I’m a happier person.

It’s so simple and powerful, and yet I marvel at the impact every time I set the timer and clear the clutter.

Have you found your sweet spot yet?

So, where is the sweet spot in your home?

It may be the same as mine, or it may be different.

For some it’s their kitchen island.

For others, it’s an entry area.

Still others find it’s a spot on their couch or maybe even their car.

It doesn’t matter what that spot is as long as you find it and begin making positive changes.

I’m telling you, I feel so great when I walk into my kitchen and see that clear table.

I feel accomplished and inspired to do even more, and I encourage you to find that place for yourself.

Figure out the one place in your home that makes you smile the most when it’s under control.

Initially, it takes more than 15 minutes to tackle, but I strongly suggest limiting yourself to 15 minutes at a time or even 15 minutes per day at the beginning to prevent overwhelm.

It didn’t get that way in 15 minutes, so be patient and pace yourself. 

You are building a habit as much as you are clearing a space, so grab your timer and get to it.

Sharing helps others

If you’re willing to share, I would love to see your before and after pictures in our Moving Toward Better Facebook group.

If you’re willing to inspire others, we could even create a gallery of before and after photos.

The ground rules are that we don’t judge the before, and we only cheer the after.

Who doesn’t need some of that?

So, are you ready to make your home a better place?

Are you ready to find your sweet spot and enjoy your home and your life more?

I hope you are, and I will cheer you on as you do this at whatever pace works for you.

If you need some quick wins to help you find the sweet spot, start with these ideas to quick clean your home in 15 minutes per day.

As always, if you like what you’ve read, please share and subscribe.

For those who need extra help with finding the sweet spot and beyond, The Whole Home Reset below will walk you through the process step by step.

Thanks for being you and have a great day.

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