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Do you ever roll your eyes or discount your strengths, talents, and abilities when people compliment you? 

You may think that anybody can do what you do well or maybe you think they could do it as well if they tried.

I'm here to tell you that's not true.

Everyone is born with unique talents and gifts, and even on those days you don't feel like the best wife, mom, or professional, you're not a failure. You're just out of balance, and I can help you fix that. 

I've been there, done that and burned the t-shirt because I know that every person has everything they need to create the life of their dreams. Including YOU!

Don't believe me?

Then I double dog dare you to book a DISCovery call or Consultation with me so I can show you how amazing you are and can be.

Sometimes all you need is the support, encouragement, or direction to start moving toward your best life, your dream life. 

That's where I can help, and you can schedule that right now! 

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DISCovery Call


  • How can you use your personality for greater success?
  • What strategies do you need to maximize success?
  • What to do about my weaknesses? (I don't like this term, and I'll tell you why in the call)

Who I Am...

Hi! I'm Karen.  I love people and life. On my best days, I rock being a wife, mother, business woman and helpful human. On my worst days, not so much, but that's why I love what I do.

What do I do? I help people feel better in their own skin so they can live the life of their dreams.

I started that journey 25+ years ago when I read the book Positive Personality Profiles. After using that information in my own life for several years, I got certified to teach this incredible information to others.

Nothing makes me happier than to help someone who's struggling find the secret to their best self and use that knowledge to create a better life for themselves, their family and their business. 

 ...And How I Can Help You?

As a certified DISC consultant, I help you lean into your strengths, understand your blind spots, and own your unique personality type. I help you figure out your best life powered by your personality.

Using DISC, I work with entrepreneurs, couples and families to help them understand themselves and appreciate others more. 

I help people see their hidden talents and couples to appreciate their partners’ qualities, particularly the ones that are different and complementary to their own. 

I help moms, dads and business people understand their unique personality style and use that knowledge to enhance their parenting, marital, personal and professional relationships. 

I'd love to get to know you, and help you get to know yourself better too, so book a call or a personalized strategy session today.

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Get to Know Your Best Self


You are unique and amazing, and understanding your personality is the first step to living your best life as your best self. As a certified DISC consultant, I help you use your strengths and skills to create a better business, better relationships, and live the life you dream of living.

This isn't about following someone else's plan for a great life. This is about you living your best life, your way. It all starts with taking an assessment.

You can start by clicking the REGISTER NOW button or clicking here to sign up for your assessment and schedule your follow up.

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Adult Concise Assessment and Follow Up


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  • Learn how to use your strengths to create a better life and business
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  • Create a  personalized plan to live your best life your way

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